Guardians of Mysticism

- Forum and TeamSpeak 3 can only be accesed by clan members -

All forum topics are hidden and can only be read after registration.

If you want to join register for an account, and complete your profile page. After verification by an admin you will be added. All new members will get a one month trial before they are added as clan member. Simply because there's a chance you don't like us, or the clan members don't like you.

Your username will become your clan name, we recommend taking the same as your Steam account and TeamSpeak 3 name.

Registration rules:
- You own a headset
- Minimum age of 18 years
- You are not a member of another clan
- You can speak and understand English or Dutch
- You have TeamSpeak 3 installed, and know how it works
- New members get a 1 month trial to prove themselves worthy
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